Aula del Futuro (Classroom of the Future)

Classroom of the Future (Aula del Futuro) is already part of the present.

Aula del Futuro (Classroom of the Future)

From this consideration, Classroom of the Future (Aula del Futuro) was conceived together with “Hygiene Together” (Igiene Insieme) by Napisan, a project we are very proud to be a part of.
What is it about?
Lead by architects Stefano Boeri and Giorgio Donà from Stefano Boeri Interiors, together with other colleagues who helped us with their expertise in classrooms building and furnishing, we set ourselves the goal to create an innovative school environment, which can be multifunctional and open to everyone, so that it can stimulate new teaching methods and use spaces with versatility.
Spaces are flexible, as they change during the day and adapt to every need, becoming a music room, laboratories, or a gym. The school becomes free and open to every learning method.
All of this with full respect to hygienic standards.
Multipurpose areas, technology, sustainability, and safety are the key points of this vision, which materialized with the donation of the first multifunctional classroom to Collodi Primary School of Institute Barozzi Beltrami of Rozzano (Milan).

We live the Future, and you?

This project is focused on flexibility, with movable walls that ensure the variation of rooms according to the different needs, spaces open to co-design, furnishing elements able to stimulate student’s senses.

This model concentrates on Technology, Safety, and Sustainability to guarantee the lowest environmental impact, thanks to structures that can profit by natural elements and natural lightning. Classroom of the Future (Aula del Futuro) is equipped with advanced technological systems, designed to improve the quality of remote teaching and of the environment.

Air cleaning devices and washable and antibacterial materials are key points for a conscious restart and to rethink the concept of indoor hygiene and pollution.
How did we take part to this initiative? In the Classroom we used:

- Pitagora, our nestable and transportable table, provided with folding top, rear feet, and front casters.
- Bea, our versatile, stackable, and ergonomic seat, perfect for training classrooms.